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Recently, the manufacturing of bolts has been made by high speed multi-stage forming machines. To meet various conditions and reduce costs, it is impossible to use a single material and heat treatment. After years of continuous research and development by Chun Zu,we introduce five types of materials to match customer needs.
Our company can provide various types of Hexagon trimming die、Square trimming die 、bihexagon trimming die and other special trimming dies
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How to choose proper trimming dies
Working Condition DB well-toughness HC Impact-proof Abrasion-resistant

HM Abrasion-Resistant 

HR Impact-proof 
JT Tic or Tin-Coating 
Tic-Tin Coating
Material of Products Mild Steel
Mild Steel Medium Carbon 
Medium Carbon 
Alloy Steel
Stainless Steel
Mild Steel Medium Carbon Steel 
Alloy Sreel
Machine Trimming M/C Trimming M/C

Multi-stage forming 
High precision & Well strength

Multi-stage forming 
High precision & Well strengh

  Multi-stage forming
  High precision
  & Well strengh

Speed & Heat-resistant Low Speed Medium-speed Blow 200℃ High-speed Blow 400 High-speed Blow 400
High-speed Blow 400
Hardness of Trimming dies Over HRC 58 Over HRC 61 Over HRC 63 Over HRC 63
Over HRC 63
Modifications are subject to change without notice.

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