Technical highlights


Technical highlights


Slug feeding

Hollow steel or non-iron metal materials can be cut into slugs and placed from the cutting side, then transferred by the gripper mechanism for product production process


Quick tool change system

Punches and die block can use crane to manually lift or place inside the machine, and it can be used with NC/SNC interface for tooling life management.

NC/ SNC Numeric control system

Setting below mechanism parameters through NC interface control system, the data can be stored and be re-import.
1. K.O.(Kick Out) adjustment、2. Feeding length adjustment、3. Stopper adjustment

Gripper empty parts detection

If the detector detects the gripper lost the blank, it will send out an alarm and stops the machine.

Parts Anti-damage system

Added extra set of gripper to the groove or conveyor belt, to decrease the height difference of the product falling, hence decrease the possibility of damaging the products.

Combo type Gripper

This gripper is able to flip while opening and closing. It can be used with Bolt type and Nut type gripper mechanisms, suitable for special parts production.

Temperature and Oil flow rate detection for Main Crank and Main Slider mechanisms

Monitoring the temperature and Lubrication oil flow rate of the Main Crank and Main Slider mechanisms, for the purpose of early warning.